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Evolved with outstanding entrepreneur alumni


Taipei University of Marine Technology was first established under the name of China Maritime College along with the board of trustee registered in Shilin in 1966.  With the approval of the Ministry of Education on March 18, 1966, the college began to recruit students in three academic departments- Department of Navigation, Department of Marine Engineering, and Department of Shipping.  The school was officially opened on March 28, 1966 and the board of the trustee was registered as a non-profit organization.

In August 1998, the college added a new academic department in international trade.  To be consistent with the departments added, the college was renamed as China Junior College of Maritime and Commerce.  To meet the requirement for offering degree programs set by the Ministry of Education, the board of trustee purchased a piece of land in New Town Tamshui and constructed it into the second campus in 2001.

In 2007, the name of the school was changed again as Taipei College of Maritime Technology upon the approval of the Ministry of Education.  The campus in Tamshui has been renovated many times and turned out to be the main campus. 

In 2017, the name of our school changed as Taipei University of Marine Technology. Along with the changes and upgrade, Taipei University of Marine Technology remains the only university that owns its wharf for the purpose of teaching.  And the university is the only one in Taiwan that has campuses across the City of Taipei and the New Taipei city geographically.

The university has educated more than 40,000 students who after graduation devoted themselves in different fields since 1966 and their performances are highly appraised in various industrial organization.  Many of them have become well-known entrepreneurs and the list includes the president of Hon Hai Technology Group, Mr. Terry Kuo, The Chair for Laure Industrial chairman, Mr. Kun-Shan Wang, the President for Wagon Group, Mr. Cing-Tan Hong, The Chair of Committee for  International Ocean Freight Forwarders and Logistics, Mr. Mu-Zhi Chen; the president of Go Rising Group, Mr. Zu-Gang Lei; Director for Kaohsiung Pilots’ Association, Mr. Yen-Chang Hu, well-known actor Tzu-Chien Kuo,   huqin musician, Mr. Chia-Kun Chen, and well-known record producer Mr. Chih-Ping Wang.

The number of students at the Taipei College of Maritime Technology has grown to 6,500 in the past five years, the rapidest one in Taiwan, and 80% of the faculty members are full-time professors with doctoral degrees.